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Welcome to Back Office Support Solutions (BOSS) Customer Success Platform.

Back Office Support Solutions provides a revolutionary approach in managing your prospects, customers, and sales through an integrated customer management system. Improve your data management for better client retention, reduced operational costs, and overall growth for your business.

BQI (BIN Quality Index)

Report and Decide

+ 28 %

Increase in Risk Management


Limit your loss

+ 20 %

Increase in Profitability


Classify, Engage and Monetize

+ 24 %

Increase in market share


Right product at the right time

+ 60 %

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Data Processing

Better Reporting. Better Decisions.

+ 55 %

Increase in ROI

Customer Service

Exceed Expectations. Protect Your Brand.

+ 38 %

Increase in customer retention


Make the most of your data

+ 40 %

Increase in Successful Retargeting